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Our Team

We are pleased for you to meet our team.

Tack Daniel

Tack has a Certificate 3 in Fitness as well as a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness Mentorship. He has trained in Trinity Yoga and Chair Yoga and is a dancer, choreographer, and singer. He is an advocate for nature and easeful movement, and is studying towards qualifications in yoga and movement therapy.

Greg Chamberlain

Greg is passionate about helping people from all backgrounds realise their physical potential. Outside of Unfolding Light he is a personal trainer at the Stellar Anytime Fitness 24/7 gym. He holds a Certificate III and IV in Fitness, as well as qualifications in Strength and Conditioning (Level 1) and Club Weightlifting – Sports Power Coach (Level 1). He also teaches fitness at the Certificate III level at Canberra Institute of Technology.

Greg is excited to be a part of Unfolding Light and to share his knowledge of functional movement as a way to enrich people’s lives, whether it’s sports focused, or improving the navigation of day to day activities.


Lynn Materne

Lynn has a background in Kenya and Australia and is the mother of many children. She has a Certificate IV in Polestar Pilates and a Certificate III in Fitness, as well as qualifications in the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Balance programs. She has been a group fitness instructor for 13 years here in Canberra, including 9 years taking Pilates group and individual sessions.

Tony Magus

After a work accident left Tony with a back injury, he started practicing yoga and found that it really resonated with him and helped with his injury. Much later on, he enrolled to teach others gaining a Certificate IV in Yoga Teaching. Tony likes to teach to the beginner student and varies his classes based on the needs and capabilities of the students.

Camille Sauvage

Camille’s first taste of Yoga occurred when she was introduced to breathing techniques at the Art Of Living centre in Paris in 2014. It was a turning point for her as she realised the power of the connection between breath and body, and she gradually deepened her Yoga practice after moving to Australia later that year.

Whether in perfect health, ill, injured, or immobilised, Camille strongly believes there is always a way to dive deep within – to discover that peace and blissful source of life. At Unfolding Light, she is excited to share the amazing and simple experiences that Yoga brought to her own life so you can experience transformative and blissful moments yourself, on your own journey to self discovery.

Sarah Nuttridge

Sarah Nuttridge started regular attendance in Power Yoga and Yin Yoga classes from 2012 in Brisbane, and found that it helped her energy levels and osteoarthritis. She paired yoga with strength training to maintain mobility, and saw the benefits of regularly practicing meditation and breathing techniques for health and wellbeing.

After moving to Canberra, she was looking for a way to take it a step further. As a result, Sarah completed 285 hours training with Yoga Trinity in Vinyasa Flow Yoga. It was closely followed by Core Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage training. She is a provisional member of Yoga Australia and is dedicated to developing her skills further, toward becoming a Yoga Therapist.

Alicia Brown

Alicia was introduced to yoga by her mother, who practiced before, during and after Alicia was born. This early introduction sowed the seeds of curiosity and openness to yoga, and in 2007 Alicia attended a beginner’s yoga course, and she found yoga to be fun, magical, profound, self-sufficient, deeply connected, and so much more.

In February 2018, she completed Amanda Morley’s Radiant Energy Yoga teacher training (200 hr), focusing on alignment based asana, anatomy and biomechanics, tantric philosophy, pranayama and meditation, including kundalini tantra meditation.

Sally O’Donnell

Sally has been practising yoga for 12 years, originally taking it up to improve strength and flexibility for dance. Having enjoyed the calming and strengthening power of yoga during her early twenties, and the mental and physical benefits of yoga practice during and after the birth of her son, Sally is inspired to share the many benefits of yoga with others as she continues on her own journey.

She completed her teacher training under Kieran O’Callaghan at InSync, and teaches a flowing Hatha yoga style with a balance of strengthening and lengthening poses to cultivate improved strength and mobility. 

Lea McKaskill

Lea’s enormous passion for ‘prehab’, good posture and assessing the whole body, rather than one body part has led her to instructing Form + Function class.

Lea is an experienced Exercise Physiologist with a long background in the health and fitness industries. She believes that no single approach is the right one for everybody and that the body was made to be moved.

Dapeng Wang

Shifu Dapeng Wang is a dedicated Tai Chi (Taiji) teacher who trained intensively in China since his childhood, with a focus on Taiji, Heart-Mind Six Harmonies Fist and Cha-quan. In 1990, Dapeng was admitted with excellent results to the Wushu Department of Shanghai University of Sport (SUS), where he received his academic training as a professional coach majoring in Wushu Education (collectively known in the West as Kung Fu or martial arts). He has been invited many times as a referee to the China National and International Wushu competitions. Dapeng has recently joined us as a Tai Chi and Wushu teacher.